Tallest Slyzor is a red Tallest who ruled alongside Tallest Larkz, and is also known as the most dangerous Irken criminal ever known.


As a smeet, Slyzor and Larkz were great friends; they trained together. Slyzor, like Larkz, eventually went on to the elite rank, but instead of becoming an invader, Slyzor became an Irken special ops soldier. He eventually became very tall and thus became a Tallest. He was then sent to the Robloxia invasion to rule with Larkz.


Slyzor was a fair Tallest. He is described as cocky, loyal, and hyper at times. He is also excellent in stealth, hence he was chosen to be an Irken spec ops.

Criminal BeginningsEdit

Slyzor started to go mad during the Robloxian invasion. Isee99, the current Control Brain in the Roblox universe, was brainwashing him. Isee filled him with dark, sadistic thoughts, and eventually controlled his entire body. Slyzor was easily won over though; he accepted Isee. Slyzor then caused many disturbances in the Robloxia invasion. He framed Irkens, sabotaged machines, and caused many causalities. He did these disturbances in secret; he was a very stealthy criminal. Slyzor fled from Planet Vertec after Isee exploded. Slyzor had became pure evil after Isee's corrupting. He was revealed to have caused all the failures in the Robloxia invasion 2,000 years later. He was hunting Zeerk and his friends, tormenting them, and filling them with lies. He had wanted them to turn against each other. After Zeerk and his friends had enough of his tampering, Slyzor was revealed to have acquired strange powers. It seemed he had absorbed the dark energy that fueled Isee99 after he exploded, and was given advanced technology in his PAK by Isee. Before Isee exploded, he sent special programming to Slyzor's PAK so he could transform his PAK into any machine possible.


Zeerk and his friends defeated Slyzor,however,they sent a virus through a long forgotten alien artifact,causing Slyzor to explode.


  • There's a rumor that Slyzor and Isee were corrupted by Dusq.
  • It is belived that Irkens use Dark energy and dark matter for fuel,according to blueprints for the spittle runner and the massive.
  • Slyzor planned to use his powers to steal more energy across the Roblox universe,and eventually conquer the universe.
  • If Slyzor had stolen enough power,he could've had enough power to control Space and Time in the Roblox universe.
  • Slyzor's powers are actually based on hacking. He also threatened to hack Roblox. It is unknown if he had the hacking skills to do so. If not he was just saying it to mess with people's heads.
  • Isee99 is a real ROBLOX user. He caused the end of the Irken empire ROBLOX war group.
  • Slyzor looks similar to Tallest Spork,but with normally shaped eyes,light red eyes,and longer antennae.