King Nark's minions 001

These are all of King Nark's robotic minions.

From top right to bottom leftEdit

  • Fion Slime-Fion slime is a genetically engineered slime like organism. It is designed to form into any organic living thing it sees. It's form is also based off of Fionna.
  • Narkbots-Narkbots are huge robots that King Nark uses for high emergency situations or/and for guarding his kingdom. They are very powerful.
  • Missle waddles-Missle waddles have tons of missles over their head. They can be easily destroyed.
  • Grape bots-These little flying robots are very mischievous and dangerous. They usually attack in flocks. They can shoot fireballs out of their mouths and cut things with their claws.
  • Froggys-These mechanical amphibians can shoot blue lazers out of their eyes. They can be easily defeated. Due to their faulty programming,the froggybots for some reason,respect and follow Vex's orders.
  • Poker spikes-Poker spikes can shoot fire out of their eyes and shoot plasma disks out of their long tails. They're also very large.
  • Butterfly Bats-These giant flying mechanical machines can drop bombs,shoot lazers from their eyespots,and deliver sonic soundwaves from their wings capable of breaking eardrums and damaging antennae. They are also very large.  
    Inside the Nark-bot

    Inside the "Nark bot"

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